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  1. ELECTRIC DELIRIUM: A Collection of Lyric Essays

    This collection began in a classroom where I was teaching Lee Thayer’s communication theory to high school students in Beijing. At the same time, I was steeping myself in fiction, eating up Robert Coover, Shakespeare, Eugene Marten, P.G. Wodehouse and more. And then the Players arrived, all of them, and you will meet them all. We spoke. They were rehearsing for a live show and I was privy to join them. I studied their ways and became one of them, was shown grand things that blended with my memory of this life and this world. Everything converged and these essays were born.

    Or, perhaps I saw a call for a chapbook competition from an esteemed publishing house, but too shy for lack of talent, too word-beaten by failure, I kept these pieced hidden, never submitted them. Unwanted. Weary. Or, did I submit them to a world-class publishing house only to be rejected after an eight month period of waiting and wondering? Yes, I did. The Players forgive me, though, and they needed a home. The Web is their new home. Please enjoy their home. 

    If you are interested in the idea of performing a life, please sample a few of these pieces. They do not have to be read in any kind of order. Make them meaningful to you. 

    Writers/Mixers/Artists: If you wish to “remix” an ELECTRIC DELIRIUM essay, please get in touch with me to discuss possibilities or simply do so and send back to me. I’ll be in the vault with the tapes. 


    1.1 The Devil Line is a Violin

    1.2 Sowers of Nothing

    1.3 Lick the Empire

    1.4 She’s Butoh

    1.5 Electric Delirium

    1.6 Circus-thrust the Night Copier

    1.7 Blank Light, Wooded Light

    1.8 Abject Horror of Objects

    1.9 To the Bonfire Rhumba

    10 Ruptured, Weeps the Hole (The End)