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  1. DECKER: Episode One (An Adaptation)

    While I have officially switched over to http://jamiegrefe.com, I felt I had to share this news here on Tumblr. If you’re interested in the comedic styling of Tim Heidecker and have been keeping up with his new Adult Swim mini-series, DECKER, then please consider enjoying this approved DECKER adaptation. Enjoy.

  2. I am pleased to present ASTRONAUT GHOST TALK, a new webseries talk show featuring myself and longtime collaborator, John Adams (AKA Johnny Unicorn). Join us as we enjoy the art of conversation, celebrate oddball humor, topical issues, and creative endeavors. It’s an unfolding of words, words, words, a party conversation for nerds.

    Subscribe so you don’t miss our weekly broadcasts.

  3. Neil Hamburger on The Mondo Vixen Massacre

    Monday payday! I’m happy to announce that America’s $1 Funnyman NEIL HAMBURGER had this to say about THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE:

    “Good Grefe! Jamie has safely documented some seedy, sexual situations involving unsavory sad sacks. More power to him! I would have run away from these people.”

    -Neil Hamburger

    (and don’t forget to purchase your own seedy copy of my book, you chuckle-bone)

  4. Guest Mozart

    When G Arthur Brown (author of KITTEN), announced he was handing out story titles to interested authors for publication at his blog, “The Strange Edge,” I took up the challenge. Brown sent me two words: Guest Mozart. I wrote the story within one hour of receiving the title, because I already had a character, immediately grasped and molded an imaginary frame. It’s a short, funny, and gory story. It’s also about a father’s love for his daughter. Click the picture and enjoy.


  5. German Chocolate (Birkensnake #6: Wild Conformations)

    This is probably the best short story I’ve ever written. It’s also the one I had the most help with from a couple highly perceptive and imaginative editors. You know who you are, Tom. It’s the story of a party gone wrong. It’s a love story. It has blobs that will annihilate you. And Shayla…

    I hope you enjoy this story. If I had ten of these gems in me, I could sleep a happy man, but in the meantime, I’m still stuck at that party, probably out on the back deck watching the pontoon make ripples in the black water.

    The link is embedded in the first sentence, but if you’ve made it this far: click here.

  6. Joke Shards: Twenty Audio Episodes of Tragicomedy

    UPDATE: Jamie Grefe’s Shredded Maps: The Podcast is now using Tumblr, too.

    I am happy to announce my new endeavor, a comedic podcast. Back in 2008 I ran a noise music podcast and believed in the medium from the get-go, but now in 2012, I feel how lucky we are to have so many engaging and interesting podcasts available, especially in the world of comedy—Never Not Funny, New Year’s Eve with Neil Hamburger, WTF w/Marc Maron, The Dana Gould Hour and so on. I would like to see more writers get on-board with this potent form, but I think that time will come. In the meantime, and since I’ve been focusing specifically on humorous writing these days and stand-up comedy, I would like to share with you my new podcast, “Jamie Grefe’s Shredded Maps.” This podcast will showcase my brand of humor in bite-sized chunks. However, once I am back in the US, I am planning on expanding the podcast to feature guests (writers, artists, thinkers, comics, etc.) and, at that time, expand the length of the broadcast. Thank you for tuning in and let the adventure continue. 

  7. In the End

    An “end of the world” piece with the charm it deserves. If this is how it all goes down, then count me in. I’m sure I still have a copy of Coltrane’s A Love Supreme around here somewhere. This is my second piece to appear in Untoward Magazine and a special thanks to Matt Rowan for making that happen as well as to Peter Markus for the English skills, and finally, to the late Kenneth Patchen whose influence, I hope, albeit most sloppily, graces this story. It’s difficult to stand on the back of giants, but, hey, it’s the end of the world. Enjoy.