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  1. Battle Lion

    Glossi.com - Battle Lion: Jamie Grefe

    Click to view Battle Lion: Jamie Grefe on GLOSSI.COM

    This short magazine showcases six previously unpublished pieces and features original photographs from Michigan, Tokyo, and Hainan. The following pieces appear in this issue: “Sitting Fire,” “Fifth Folio: Production Notes,” “Knuckling Water,” “Apple Tongue,” “Battle Lion,” and “For Nick Cave.” I hope to make more of these Glossi’s in the future. Thank you for reading. 

  2. Orange Alders///Shinjuku///A New Way of Brushing Teeth

    Three poems via Counterexample Poetics: “Orange Alders” is an anti-Cioranian meditation on the creation of the symbol-using animal. “Shinjuku” is a paroxysm of a story refined into free verse, mixed in a blender, and laced with desire. “A New Way of Brushing Teeth” could be everything you think it is, wide open: a heart-beating non-ritual celebration. Thank you, dear reader, for lending me your ears. 

  3. Gone, Risen, Stay Gone

    My second poem for the poetry journal, Dead Snakes. There is a hint of joyousness in this piece and yet, a hopeful longing. The images and flow of the poem are personal, based on happenings in my own life, the ebb and flow of circumstance and Fortune, family and choices. That said, this one is from the heart. As always, thank you for reading my work. 

  4. Yearly Gifts of Early Death

    Thank you, Dead Snakes. A poem for you, for the Chinese New Year with all of its incessant firecrackers, the sky like waves of pink, a fog of noise. We eat dumplings and wait for the spring to wash these welts from our skin.