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  1. Obscurities of the Doom Horizon (A Novelette)

    One year in the making, I present to you “Obscurities of the Doom Horizon,” a romantic, post-apocalyptic sci-fi slasher novelette for your reading pleasure. It is built as a novel idea of forty eight interconnected stories. There are creatures dripping goo, brainwashing, crime, paranoia, hallucinations, true love, and much more. If this was a film, I would suspect a hybrid of Lynch and Raimi would have to get on board, would certainly be welcomed. Or, whoever just directed Life of Pi. Perhaps this, this obscurity of the doom horizon, is my Life of Pi. Thank you for reading.

  2. Die You Doughnut Bastards by Cameron Pierce (Eraserhead Press, 2012) ///Review

    I am thrilled to review Cameron Pierce’s Die You Doughnut Bastards from Eraserhead Press. Bizarro fiction is a form that I’ve been steadily digesting these last few months and trying to learn more and more about. This collection has quickly made it to the top of my list and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by spending time with master Pierce and his collection of truly notable bizarro fictions. Thank you for reading. 

  3. Headcheese

    Oh, man. Such a good feeling to make one of my all-time favorite lit mags, THE BACON REVIEW—their one-year Anniversary issue to boot. 

    Here’s their words about my piece, HEADCHEESE: “Into the fire. Jamie Grefe. Headcheesing. Don’t ignore the title. Don’t ignore the sensation you get when you read it again where it is, not so deep into the story. Again, and it might be the fall, there is a certain rabidity and Jokeresque laughter that drifts through both of these pieces. Tying up the middle of our docket like awful-tight corset strings.

    Corset lace? Seems like something that would be a lace, not a string. Like a shoe.

    Either way, fury of the Axeman; relish in being stalked, in knowing the grip of the hand around your ankle. We’ve listed it as Wildcard to help nail in the point.” 

    Big thanks to Eric W. and Jason for giving this piece the best home.
  4. Livid Men, Violent Men

    My wallet was stolen on the bus. I sat down, smoked a cigarette, called my wife. We never found it. Stepped back on the bus, was in a different city. I needed to write this out and here is the meditation. I’m brainstorming ideas for a few novella length projects. This one has potential to be developed. Thanks to the EMPRISE REVIEW editors for making this one possible.