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  1. Beautiful

    Stephen Graham Jones on THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE:This is what a 650 page novel looks like, with every single boring part excised, bloodily. This is the beating heart of the action movie always playing in the back off all our reptile brains. This is a massacre. The best kind.” 

  2. The Other Side of Lucy's Lips

    This one came from a workshop/class with Stephen Graham Jones and I have to thank him for his editorial suggestions. Probably the scariest thing I’ve written, at least for me, but you’re the reader. I hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

  3. The Last Final Girl by Stephen Graham Jones (Lazy Fascist, 2012) ///Review

    Stephen Graham Jones’ The Last Final Girl is one of the best books I’ve read thus far in 2012. I wrote about it in all its slasher glory. Follow the link to read the review and do yourself a favor by tracking down this book. 

  4. A Cauldron for Angelo

    A pulpy night of revenge and celebration: This story was originally workshopped in a class with Dr. Stephen Graham Jones, so hopefully it has some essential elements of what makes a good story: an ease of knowing who is doing what and where, hook lines, effective dialogue, etc. As per the assignment, the content was inspired by a list of questions posed by writer/reviewer/columnist, Richard Thomas. That list fell to me to craft into a story and this piece, “A Cauldron for Angelo,” is the result. Thank you to Pulp Metal Magazine. This is my second story with them and it’s always a pleasure to see my work in the context of other contemporary pulp stories. To the reader: thank you for your attention. Also, of course, Dr. Jones and Mr. Thomas, thanks for your support and advice.

  5. Sour Pinch of Summer

    I wrote this piece while deep in a Stephen Graham Jones workshop, but kept this one private—wrote it on the side. Years ago, fresh out of high school, I delivered furniture, spent time (with permission) dropping things off at important people’s houses when they weren’t home and always wondered what if something was in there waiting for me … what if that innocent boss of mine was hiding something. The result of that paranoid delusion is this story. Thank you, Mustache Factor. I grow my mustache for you.