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  1. Corridor Three: the Loon Calls at Dusk

    This last summer, I worked on a short series of “Corridor” pieces and am happy to announce this new addition to the series in the latest issue of The Fiddleback. It is a piece at once inspired by Brian Evenson and Steve Erickson, but that might not come through. It’s David Lynch and video games and as romantic as a Harlequin masterpiece. Without further ado, please enjoy this short, but potent piece, “Corridor Three: the Loon Calls at Dusk.” 

  2. Die You Doughnut Bastards by Cameron Pierce (Eraserhead Press, 2012) ///Review

    I am thrilled to review Cameron Pierce’s Die You Doughnut Bastards from Eraserhead Press. Bizarro fiction is a form that I’ve been steadily digesting these last few months and trying to learn more and more about. This collection has quickly made it to the top of my list and you’ll be doing yourself a favor by spending time with master Pierce and his collection of truly notable bizarro fictions. Thank you for reading. 

  3. The Brain Room

    365 Tomorrows, the science fiction site, is hosting this odd story of an alternate reality consisting of a messy room made of brains where horrific things happen or seemed to have happened. The “red curtain” scenes from Twin Peaks kept crossing my mind as I was writing this one and, perhaps, there is some David Lynch influence that leaked into it. Otherwise, again, this one came out of the Stephen Graham Jones workshop I did and want to thank him again for his teachings.