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  1. Jamie Grefe


  2. Goodreads Giveaway of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE

    My first Goodreads Giveaway is, as of today, underway. I have two autographed paperback copies of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE available and look forward to sending them to the winners. If you are interested in entering to win a copy, and happen to have a Goodreads account, please consider signing up for the giveaway.

    Link: https://www.goodreads.com/giveaway/show/97198?utm_medium=api&utm_source=giveaway_widget

    Thank you, dear readers.

  3. Cannibal Fatales (Dynatox Ministries), a Limited Edition Hardcover


    Last summer, while submitting my MUTAGON II manuscript to Dynatox Ministries’ Holy Mountain Imprint (their Bizarro fiction imprint), I caught wind of a Cannibalsploitation series in the works. I pitched my idea and the idea was accepted. The result is a fast-paced 1970s cannibal slasher called CANNIBAL FATALES. It hits some classic cannibal film tropes while also blending the genre in a surrealistic and, hopefully, compelling way. The limited edition hardcover is on sale now as part of a hardcover set featuring, along with CANNIBAL FATALES, novellas by Nick Cato, Jonathon Moon, and Michael Faun for only $100.

    Click here to be redirected to Dynatox Ministries.

  4. My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE. My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE.
    High Resolution

    My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE.


  6. A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen
    High Resolution

    A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen

  7. Beautiful

    Stephen Graham Jones on THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE:This is what a 650 page novel looks like, with every single boring part excised, bloodily. This is the beating heart of the action movie always playing in the back off all our reptile brains. This is a massacre. The best kind.” 

  8. That Hollow Part of Me



    What we have here, quite simply, is the best 80’s action/exploitation/junk cinema experience that never was. You know how you watch a trailer from those days and it makes you think that this movie is going to be the best thing ever and then you find out that you’ve already seen all the good…

  9. Amazon.com: The Mondo Vixen Massacre eBook: Jamie Grefe: Kindle Store

    Finally, the Kindle edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has arrived. Treat yourself to some vixen cheer this holiday season. I promise it will be money well-spent. Thank you, everyone, for your support this year. Happy Holidays from Camp Grefe and The Mondo Vixens.

  10. Here is a promotional video I cut and scored for THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE. Please consider sharing the video and/or picking up a copy of the book if this looks like something you’d be interested in. Thank you!

  11. The Tea House: Guest Post by Jamie Grefe

  12. Noise ///

    I used to make noise music. Inside me, I probably still do. Maybe it comes out in the writings. If not, that’s okay, too. I’ve played basement shows in Seoul, stood babbling alone into a microphone in Tokyo. I recorded albums on labels like Self-Satisfied, Knife in the Toaster, Swampland Noise, and others whose names I’ve forgotten. I edited sound-art for Rudolf Eb.er and have seen the buckets he kept in the closet.

    Christmas is near. It is time for noise.

    If you write a review of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE somewhere on the Internet, especially Amazon or Goodreads, I want to reward you with a batch of my homemade noise, whether that be a rare live set, a collaboration, or an entire album’s worth of quality extreme noise. All you have to do is write the review and send me the link (and the email address where you want me to send the files).

    My email address is in the “contact” section (on the left sidebar). Or, you can easily reach me through Facebook.

    Thank you to those of you who have already purchased the book. You’re helping to support my dream and my life. Honestly, there were times when I was writing MVM and I was only fingers and eyes, mainly fingers, fingers and music. I think if you read the book, you’ll understand. The vixens do.

    Thank you.

    Camp Grefe


  14. NBAS Bizarro Grab Bag

    Buy all seven 2013 New Bizarro Author Series titles, write a review for each one, and get a grab-bag bonzanza.

    From author Tiffany Scandal:

    Something NEW: all of this year’s (Eraserhead Press) NBAS authors are contributing random gadgets/trinkets/awesome shit so that we can put together awesome grab bags for the people who review all seven of the NBAS books. You might get wind-up tit toys, a voucher to grab Bix’s junk, a handwritten love letter - who knows. The point: there will be a small gift from each author in the package. Message any one of us (Andy de Fonseca, Amanda Billings, Jamie Grefe, Bix Skahill, Daniel Vlasaty, Dustin Reade, myself) with links to the reviews. Once it’s verified, we send you what might be the best (or worst) care package you’ve ever received in your life.

  15. German Chocolate (Birkensnake #6: Wild Conformations)

    This is probably the best short story I’ve ever written. It’s also the one I had the most help with from a couple highly perceptive and imaginative editors. You know who you are, Tom. It’s the story of a party gone wrong. It’s a love story. It has blobs that will annihilate you. And Shayla…

    I hope you enjoy this story. If I had ten of these gems in me, I could sleep a happy man, but in the meantime, I’m still stuck at that party, probably out on the back deck watching the pontoon make ripples in the black water.

    The link is embedded in the first sentence, but if you’ve made it this far: click here.