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  1. I am pleased to present ASTRONAUT GHOST TALK, a new webseries talk show featuring myself and longtime collaborator, John Adams (AKA Johnny Unicorn). Join us as we enjoy the art of conversation, celebrate oddball humor, topical issues, and creative endeavors. It’s an unfolding of words, words, words, a party conversation for nerds.

    Subscribe so you don’t miss our weekly broadcasts.

  2. MUTAGON II (Dynatox Ministries: Holy Mountain Outreach) Excerpt

    Krallcon 2014, the annual writing conference hosted by cult author, Jordan Krall, is now live in East Brunswick, New Jersey. To celebrate, I present to you an excerpt from my forthcoming novella, MUTAGON II. Following in the footsteps of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE, this novella is a Bizarro-centric vengeance fueled romp, both psychedelic and suspenseful. Welcome to Troilus. Click the image to be redirected to the excerpt.

  3. Some unshaven thoughts on reading including, but not limited to: my book, attention, disconnection, imagination, growth, and time. It’s not as serious as it sounds, but six times more interesting. Enjoy.

  4. Neil Hamburger on The Mondo Vixen Massacre

    Monday payday! I’m happy to announce that America’s $1 Funnyman NEIL HAMBURGER had this to say about THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE:

    “Good Grefe! Jamie has safely documented some seedy, sexual situations involving unsavory sad sacks. More power to him! I would have run away from these people.”

    -Neil Hamburger

    (and don’t forget to purchase your own seedy copy of my book, you chuckle-bone)

  5. Valentine Mayhem!!! I am proud to present the second novelette spinoff of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE, a full-on grindhouse, ultraviolent bizarro story called, MONDO BRUTAL.

    Doreen is a vixen assassin and tonight’s mission—to take down a crazy geezer named Butch Smeezer and his were-goat goons—is underway. But the tables are turned when Doreen is captured by some feisty were-goats and subjected to the carnal magic of a device called Old Mattie. Haunted by her past and fueled by the violence of the present, Doreen is infected with hate and must battle her own demons as well as annihilate the enemy! MONDO BRUTAL delivers a swift Bizarro Grindhouse slice to the throat in this second spinoff of Jamie Grefe’s THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE.

    MONDO BRUTAL is 100% FREE:

    Tumblr—Enjoy the blood-soaked one page version: http://mondobrutal.tumblr.com
    Smashwords—Snag an epub or a mobi: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/408690
    Goodreads—Review it and get the pdf: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20809728-mondo-brutal

    Thank you for reading and spreading the word!

  6. Guest Mozart

    When G Arthur Brown (author of KITTEN), announced he was handing out story titles to interested authors for publication at his blog, “The Strange Edge,” I took up the challenge. Brown sent me two words: Guest Mozart. I wrote the story within one hour of receiving the title, because I already had a character, immediately grasped and molded an imaginary frame. It’s a short, funny, and gory story. It’s also about a father’s love for his daughter. Click the picture and enjoy.


  7. My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE. My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE.
    High Resolution

    My 2013-2014 New Bizarro Author Series title THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has an ebook spinoff and it’s FREE. Download HERE.

  8. Fantastic Earth Destroyer Ultra Plus by: Cameron Pierce and Jim Agpalza (A Review)

    The synopsis of Cameron Pierce and Jim Agpalza’s FANTASTIC EARTH DESTROYER ULTRA PLUS as stated on the Sinister Grin Press website reads, “In the mining town of Itchy Zoo lives a boy with pumpkin flesh. His name is Tetsuo, and he’d like to tell you about the terrible things that brought ruin to his town. How he shot his brother, how the people of Itchy Zoo became puppets, how he fell in love for the first and last time, and how Satan watched it all go down.” And this, dear reader, is the entrance to a most beautiful, layered, melodious, dark and touching tale of Bizarro love and transformation.

    Masterfully illustrated by Jim Agpalza, FEDUP is an adult fairy tale, both precisely told and richly imaginative. If you are unfamiliar with the sometimes mind-boggling intensity of Bizarro fiction, this should serve as a perfect entryway into your adventure of such a multifaceted and surprisingly warm genre. Agpalza’s illustrations are pinpoint companions to the intricacy of Pierce’s literary vision and helpful for those among us who may have trouble visualizing the otherworldly body-mutations and imaginative leaps that Pierce so aptly employs: pumpkin flesh, whale feet, puppet people, or bodies with organs on the outside of their skin.

    And the real beauty of this book is not in its strangeness, which, by the way, is completely organic to the universe Pierce has created, but in the originality of Pierce’s writing. It’s strong, strong enough to attract a wide readership, one that it deserves and only time will tell. As the book is separated between one page of text and one page of illustrations, it is easy for readers to not only follow and see this intricate story, but it also lets the story sink in on a different level, something pure and simple, universal and wet. At times, I felt as if I were reading a beautifully rendered children’s story for adults (and make no mistake, this work is most certainly not for children). At other times, I felt I were swimming in the musical word-verses of a more-fantastical J.A. Tyler or a more sinister Russell Hoban. However, those comparisons fail to give Cameron Pierce the praise he deserves (we shall not compare, only hint). This is a truly original and unique piece of work, fueled by a brother’s pain, by love, by choice and necessity, and by acceptance. It is a work where magic happens and happens again, where families are torn apart and where passions burn deep, burn oceans inside a person.

    In conclusion, if you are curious or interested in Bizarro fiction and would like to own a book that you will be able to finish in one sitting, a book with gorgeous illustrations and a compelling story, then FANTASTIC EARTH DESTROYER ULTRA PLUS is a book that you should certainly consider buying and reading and re-reading. I have a feeling that when I dip into this book again, knowing what I know now from having finished it, that a different story will emerge from its ocean, and it will be even better than the first time around. It will be fantastic.


  10. A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen
    High Resolution

    A Japanese Vincent Gallo doll caught spanning time with the vixens. Order a copy: http://bit.ly/mondovixen

  11. Beautiful

    Stephen Graham Jones on THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE:This is what a 650 page novel looks like, with every single boring part excised, bloodily. This is the beating heart of the action movie always playing in the back off all our reptile brains. This is a massacre. The best kind.” 

  12. That Hollow Part of Me



    What we have here, quite simply, is the best 80’s action/exploitation/junk cinema experience that never was. You know how you watch a trailer from those days and it makes you think that this movie is going to be the best thing ever and then you find out that you’ve already seen all the good…

  13. Amazon.com: The Mondo Vixen Massacre eBook: Jamie Grefe: Kindle Store

    Finally, the Kindle edition of THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE has arrived. Treat yourself to some vixen cheer this holiday season. I promise it will be money well-spent. Thank you, everyone, for your support this year. Happy Holidays from Camp Grefe and The Mondo Vixens.

  14. Here is a promotional video I cut and scored for THE MONDO VIXEN MASSACRE. Please consider sharing the video and/or picking up a copy of the book if this looks like something you’d be interested in. Thank you!